Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Reading..

Lucy is a fashion designer from France and now living in San Francisco. She has an on line shop selling all her beautiful hand made women's tees and hoodies.. Also, she has a blog, called, Rose la Biche, about trend, design and travel journal. From August 18th to September 10th, she has invited 4 different artists, journalist, and dancer/choreographer from different cities to be her guest bloggers. Each person will write 5 posts about their works and artists they like and their city.
Honorably, I was invited to write on the 2nd week of September ( 6th~10th)!
at the moment I"m busy preparing the posts, and interviewing cool and inspiring artists living in the Bay area! so stay tune, I'll follow up another post soon before the posts are up.
But at the meantime, here is the link to some fun reading of the first two people - Sarah, a stop motion animator in Portland; and Delphine, a journalist in Paris.
Rose la Biche


crylic said...

That link you provided is great, I'm in love with that classic Paris and that blog is great for that. Also a big fan of your art, fantastic and super inspiring stuff.

IRene said...

hihi~that's an interested blog! thanks for sharing! now is the time for your interview :) sorry I couldn't be there(Totoro project), the ticket already sold out when I back from my trip~
I love your works so much~~!!I am gonna wear it if you put them on tees.