Wednesday, September 15, 2010

APE 2010 !

APE ( the Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco is once again coming up on Oct. 16th !
It'll be the 2nd time for me to exhibit at APE ( after 2 years...), and this time, I'm sharing a table with 2 amazing artist friends from work, Daniela Strijleva and Katy Wu.  Also, for the first time, we're collaborating to make a small illustrated book, which will be coming out at APE !
More details will be posted soon, for now, I could only say, we're working feverishly to make this happen, and the collaboration process is definitely one amazing experience ... I hope you'd enjoy the book when you see it at APE !

Also, I'm brewing to put together a little postcard booklet for Mr. R ( the Raccoon), hopefully, it will also be exhibited at APE.

Here are some pictures of my work-in-progress, and meet me and my hubby's new kittens of the family - Pocky & Mikado !   ( they keep me company while painting, help chewing on my brushes and lick away the water-color paint.... What's in the paint anyway...? )


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

Glad that you are posting your beautiful work on your blog. So inspirational. Will you be selling original artwork at APE?


Arielpang said...

great to see your new painting!!! I'll have to google APE for sure. keep drawing~~~~can't wait to see more of your painting!

Ariel @Taiwan

louis clichy said...

Nice work, I am glad you keep going on your posts.
2 american spies told us you had indeed 2 new cats !
I am jalous

Joe Lee said...

ooo i want a copy!

Jennifer Chang said...

Thanks CK !
I'm not sure yet if me and other artists will have original artworks for sale at APE, but maybe small book plates along with the books.

Thanks Ariel, please make another trip to SF !

Monsieur Louis !
merci ~ haha.. the kittens are growing fast into Cats!...
i wish you and Julie to meet them one day !

Thanks Lee ! please do, hope to see you at APE.