Thursday, January 20, 2011


Happy 2011 !
Hope everyone had a great holiday break, and having a great fresh start of the year ! I've been delaying on posting for my travels...due to the extreme cold weather conditions, disconection from the internet, food poison, pollution, and holiday laziness... and so on ... "f(-. _ -.);,..
but here they are, a clearing of 2010 -

After setting off from NYC, I arrived to Edinburgh, Scotland, in December, visiting my friends Alice & Andrew for a week. It was absolutley a beautiful city ! Even in the coldest Dec. winter since 1962 ( -13C ~ -3C), and with the heaviest snow ever seen in the history (!?).  The sun rose low around 8:30am and set around 3:30pm, I went out sketching, but could not stay in one place ever too long.... my toes and fingers would got totally frozen! So most of the time I could only get the drawing down quickly, take a mobile photo, and finish coloring the sketches next to the heater with a cup of hot tea !

Then after the week in Edinburgh, I went on a 3 weeks trips with my friends, which you'd find out as the sketches are posted -

- Edinburgh - 


  - the Cameo Cinema  -            

- Paris Apartments - 

- Rainy Sicili - 

- Rome - 



Becky said...

Gorgeous! Love them all but I especially love the last one :)

Mike Dutton said...

Hi Jennifer! My wife and I were in England the week before the date of your sketch of the hanging decorations in Covent Garden (I saw that same display, it was so beautiful!). We were on a flight back to the States on New Years Eve. How funny to have just missed each other. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun and the sketches are wonderful. Also glad you got to go to several places (was just London and Bath for us but nice to get away anyhow).

See you around Stateside one of these days (haven't run into you in a while!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jennifer. I'm going to have to stop by and check this book out. I love the airport line one below as well.

Jamie Baker said...

Edinburgh is a lovely city isn't it? I like your sketches of it. Although I was raised in Australia I was actually born in Edinburgh while my father was studying at the university there.

Freckles said...

beautiful diary of your trip!

Quentin Lebegue said...

Beautiful, beautiful drawings... wow...

Anonymous said...

I can feel the cold from your sketches.....I guess I shoudn't complain the weather in Taipei after all. it's only 15c degree, compare to the -13, I guess I should say it's so warm in Taipei :P


louis clichy said...

aahh, I can recognise some !

Sansu said...

This is wonderful.. I can feel the mood of the environment. thank you for sharing your trip! Sungyeon