Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alzheimers Association Art Auction Benefit @ Maverix Studios

Saturday night from 6~9pm, there will be a benefit art auction at Maverix Studios for Alzheimers Association .
Pieces are donated by artists, and many Pixar artists have put in their own personal artworks.
I'm also putting in " the Bird" drawing I've posted a while ago for the auction. Hopefully it'll make some good cause !
So if you are interested in getting great artworks in great prices and for the great cause, this is definitely the event to not miss !


Rosie said...

Aw I'm sad I missed that! (found out about it after the fact)

I heard there was a lot of really good art there.

Jennifer Chang said...

Thanks for checking my blog Rosie !
I hope you're doing well ! and would love to see your recent artwork!

and definitely check out maverix site for the photos and pieces from the event.

keep in touch !