Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hawaii の hana

Here we are, the last day at Waikiki, another bizarre oasis.
- I hope it's just a small corner of the island, like the union square of S.F. !?
Beautiful blue water and white sand at the beach. Then, seeing modern hotel concrete buildings all around, and $2.95 of a 2 cups bottle of milk, sure reminds me not being far from U.S., Taiwan, Japan, or even Vegas.
Maybe I've dreamed too much of a natural tropical island before arriving.

There has been constant showers during the day.
Transitions of sun and sudden pouring rain, sure not stopping vacationers from wearing tropical flowers on their ears,
and flowery beach sun dresses. Getting suntan may not be everybody's thing, but flowers are.
We are leaving to Kauai today, I hope for a slight different theme on the tropical island.


Rosie said...

Oo! What pretty drawings, definitely make me want to go to Hawaii and wear a flower on my ear in the rain (what a beautiful thought!)

This is Rosie by the way! I hope you're doing well (looks like it!), and I'm really glad I accidentally found your blog. I love your art -so- much!


Anonymous said...

yay, new posts. I love the water colors of yosemite, the kid and the monster as well your sketches form Hawaii. I'm glad to see you posting again.

Gledwood said...

They're lovely drawings...

Hi you popped up on

Great stuff!

"vol 2"...