Thursday, October 14, 2010

an Expedition with Mr.R ( the Raccoon )

" In search of a dim memory from times past,
Mr. R (the Raccoon) packed up his pouch 
and set off alone on an expedition.
Through fields and forests, villages and towns, 
storms and sunshine, through all the seasons of the year.
He came at last to a gate 
hidden behind a thicket of shrubs......"

Here is a 5 pages accordion postcard booklet made for Mr. R ( the Raccoon) ! Each illustration on the postcard follows Mr. R on his journey through four seasons of the year... This is also a little tribute to the Bay Area weather - where grass on rolling hills are yellow in summer, and heat is greater in fall....
I hope this would be a souvenir of the Bay Area, and also a friendly personal postcard to send to someone at far.

Each booklet is handcrafted, illustrations printed on watercolor paper and perforated to 5 postcards. There will be limited number available at APE this weekend, along side with Round Robin, and Daniela and Katy's beautiful books !
Our table number at APE is #330, please come on by !


Joe Lee said...

hey jennifer, would i be able to buy one. im on the east coast and wont be able to make APE >.<

Juny said...

Dear Jennifer
我叫Juny,現在在AAU主修visual development
聽到你一畢業就得到PIXAR的工作,眞是太振奮人心了!!這是我最大的夢想呢 :)


Kuan-Fu Chen said...

your paintings are so lovely!
I want one too, may be two?

Eli said...

Saw Round Robin at APE and loved it! Your work is always a pleasure to look at.

Ty Carter said...


Tracy Bishop said...

I'm so glad that I was able to attend APE this past weekend to purchase this wonderful piece! I purchased this and an original watercolor of yours. They put a smile on my face.

Jennifer C. Chang said...

Thanks everyone!
Hopefully we'll do another smaller event for Round Robin sometime soon.
will keep you all posted.

and Thanks Tracy, I'm so glad that you got the bookplate! Mr.R found a good home!

Jennifer C. Chang said...

Joe - please e-mail me, I maybe visitng NY soon ! ^_^

Juny - Thanks,and please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Charles Santoso said...

Beautiful work, Jennifer :D really lovely! :)

red. said...

I have admired this in the past but am researching printing a story at the moment, and was curious; how did you get this printed? I suddenly remembered this accordion book and came to comment to find out... if you can give me any info I'd appreciate it!