Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks ! A wonderful weekend at APE !

Thanks everyone who came by say hi to us at APE !
We had such a great time seeing our friends and meeting new friends! 
I hope you enjoy our collaborated book, Round Robin, as much as we did making it !

( we got to make some bookplates at the table !)

Thanks again everyone !
Thanks Daniela, and Anita for the photos at APE !


Alina Chau said...

Great meeting you at APE, love your artwork!

Kev said...

LOVE all of the artwork here, you are all FANTASTIC artists.

How can I, in the UK, order this wonderful book?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you , Dani and Katy for coming up with such a lovely book. I really appreciate that the Round Robin team took the time from your busy Studio schedule to create such well thought, beautiful and sensitive work. And thank you for providing those originals for sale. I was tempted to buy them all but it would not have been fair to the others. Your work makes want to catch a plane to Taiwan to check the natural beauty of your home country. I am inspired by this work not only the art of animation but fine art from Asian , classic to contemporary art like Motherwell, Hockney and Pollock



Jennifer C. Chang said...

Hi Alina, it was great to meet you too, what lovely work you do on your blog!

Hi Kev, please email me if you r still interested, or so far Nucleus gallery is selling our books on their site, please take a look at that too.

Thanks so much Charles! It was great to see you at Ape, and glad you give great home to our bookplates ! Taiwan is a lovely place, I hope you get to see it yourself one day, and surely let me know ahead if you do !

enb said...

super cute