Thursday, April 26, 2007

the Ape weekend.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by the table to say hi at Ape last weekend.
It was the first time for me to participate the event as an exhibitor,
I had a wonderful time meeting all the artists and making friends. *_*
There were 4 other artist friends sharing the table with me, Eun Ju& Jason Newhaus, Sunyeong Joh , and Richard Kim .
It was the first time experience at APE for all of us, we were all exhausted but excited through out the weekend.

Among all the comic conventions in California, APE always has the charm for me,
it seems to me that it is a smaller but more hands-on crafty, experimental, and personal comic/ art convention.
Something we don't commonly or ever see in a daily bookstore, like a off-regular-sized book or a interactive book arts...,were especially fascinating for me. Also, not only the price is more affordable to most people (^_-), just the amount of heart and effort put into each comics, artworks ,and crafts worth far more than its face price. I think for most of the people, the main goal and fun is just to make friends and sharing artworks with others...

On the last saturday morning preparing APE around 8:30 am, we were all exhausted from the intense week of preparation, and all said" this is the first and last time we're doing this....(>_<) " but by the end of the exhibition on Sunday, though we were all still and even more exhausted, we said" we got to do this again !!! ...P(*O*)q " It was definitely a great experience.

Thanks again for ones who got the kitosan Tea book, I hope you all are enjoying the tea and getting ready for a relax weekend. and if you're interested in knowing more about Kitosan, you can find it in ' Afterworks 2'; or please check back the blog once a while, I'll post more work in progress for the next story ^_-
( oh wait, ape isn't exactly gorillas..!?..XP )

and also, definitely check out Sunyeong, Eun Ju, Jason, and Richard's sites,
they all made wonderful books and stories for Ape, and great artworks to share on their sites !


Nat said...

Interactive comics are cool!
Nominated for an Eisner award

Jamie Baker said...

I am glad that you had a good time at APE and that you are planning to exhibit again.
PS: I really like my tea book!