Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greens! the first post..

" Fresh greens. has lots of vitamins and fibers. good for the eyes to look at... and. not fishy." Kitosan, chewing away a fresh plate of greens.

Kitosan is a cat. young but wanna-be serious. not knowing much yet about life, but doing the most for what it knows so far.
a childish matureness, that's how it definds itself.

Finally, I made a blog. not sure what to post yet, but this should be a good start to keep track of time and thoughts.
Kitosan is a catish character I created a few years ago along with its cat friends.
It is based on a kitten me and my roomates adopted at the time, named Kite. Kite was very young but with a very serious and dog like personality. It was the first time ever I'd lived with a cat. It felt like inviting some wild animal to be your roommate. and Yap, having a cat is like making a new friend, but the kind of friends that you have the unspoken responsibility to take care of them , or say when they "allow" you to. but then, it's always nice when they are being sweet and making a cakes for you, like they care after all. So, after being scratched countlessly by Kite, I still have a good or 'interesting' impression of cats ,and remember the moments of watching traffic and people outside the window with Kite, or him making biscuits on my back. *.*

* Kitosan's story can be found in Afterworks 2.


Jamie Baker said...

Finally! A blog AND a website! yay!

OK, now I am going to check this blog for weekly posts....

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Hey, it was great seeing you yesterday! Very nice kitty by the way... I linked you already. Let me know what do you think about it.

see you soon!