Friday, April 20, 2007

Illustration Friday: Fortune.

A matching left hand print. it's a smiley curve.

Just found out about Illustration Friday from Noah last week, and found I had a piece for the 'Green' subject in hand !( last post ) but... I didn't figure out this blog thing in time to post it.. But this week, I finally kinda caught the end of this bus.. XP I definitely need more practice, but it is such a great way to stimulate the imagination, and see everyone's works. Hopefully I can make more for this Illustration Friday. ^_^


Ronnie said...

Wow! A blog! Lovely green blog. Welcome to the blogospshere.


dyee said...

Great drawings. Love the cat eating his greens.

littlebird said...

YAAAAAAAAY!!! i finally found you! thank your for the tea book. it is beautiful. hope to see you again soon. maybe we can draw together?


Jennifer Chang said...

thanks Ronnie, and Dyee,
and yes, we should definitly hang out sometime,
drawing together sounds fun !