Monday, June 9, 2008

Helmet Day

Here is another painting for the June show.
It's about a news clip I read in paper when I was in Taiwan few years ago. I remember it was written that, a couple of grandpa and grandma from Taiwan countryside got stopped by the police while riding scooter, because of their " funny " looking "helmets" - rice cooker pots!
They thought that the pots should be hard enough to be helmets! .. I thought it was very innocently cute and " practical"... XP


Jamie Baker said...

These recent paintings that you've been posting are beautiful, Jennifer. They make me want to learn how to paint in watercolour.

Julien alday said...

The story behind your illustration is so cute ! ^^ Congrats about the show in Paris and thanks for drop a line on my blog.
Hope all is well.

Jennifer Chang said...

Thanks Jamie !!
I need to learn to draw characters like you do !


Khylov said...

Reminds me of some stories from the Philippines as well. Well, without the rice cooker helmets...

Really nice watercolors, Jennifer; and nice character moments. Is cool what those little life moments and stories can inspire, huh.

C.Pascual said...

that is so awesome. I can totally picture the grandma and grandpa riding along... :-)