Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Je T'aime, Mon Arbre.

Another piece for the show, and also a sneak peak of the new short story for Afterworks 3.


Nat said...

yay! lots of posts!

C.B. Canga said...

these are all great jennifer. love the subtle texture you are getting with the watercolor. such fun characters. these look like they belong in a children's book

Julien alday said...

Sorry for be a picky french man, but you forget a lil «'» in your title. It's more like "Je T'Aime, Mon Arbre". Wich is a beautyful title for a beautyful picture, bravo ! ;) It's nice to see you back in action, you post a beauty after another.
Encore !

Jennifer Chang said...

Thanks Nat, and Chris!
what a encouragement! it was fun to do water colors again, especially experimenting with pigments and water..*_*

and Merci beaucoup, Julien!
hehe.. still learning the language.. XP I hope you'll be able to see the show this summer, and please let me know what you think then !

Julien alday said...

I will let you know... But next fall, once I'm in San Francisco area. Hope have the chance to see you there ! ;)

And sorry for be picky ! That said, I'm glad you are learning the language. ;) I hope you will forgive me for my bad english. Hahaha !

Anonymous said...


These recent pieces are so beautiful and inspiring. On the surface, these pieces show great use of color and has solid composition. At another level, your characters are so empowered and you can sense their own unique individuality. At its core, I am amazed the pieces are so polished but you get a sense of creative fire that is cookin below. Honestly, I am inspired to enjoy nature, read a great book, and go to museums.

Hope that you will participate in gallery show in SF in the near future. Keep inspiring!!!!!!!


Raghu G said...

nice !!

Jennifer Chang said...

Thanks very much Charles !
it's great to hear your feedbacks !
I must keep the " creative fire" going ! ^_^
I hope you can make it to the show in Paris, they've got amazing museums there! and it should be a great one with Bill and everyone...^_^

Thanks !