Wednesday, September 15, 2010

APE 2010 !

APE ( the Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco is once again coming up on Oct. 16th !
It'll be the 2nd time for me to exhibit at APE ( after 2 years...), and this time, I'm sharing a table with 2 amazing artist friends from work, Daniela Strijleva and Katy Wu.  Also, for the first time, we're collaborating to make a small illustrated book, which will be coming out at APE !
More details will be posted soon, for now, I could only say, we're working feverishly to make this happen, and the collaboration process is definitely one amazing experience ... I hope you'd enjoy the book when you see it at APE !

Also, I'm brewing to put together a little postcard booklet for Mr. R ( the Raccoon), hopefully, it will also be exhibited at APE.

Here are some pictures of my work-in-progress, and meet me and my hubby's new kittens of the family - Pocky & Mikado !   ( they keep me company while painting, help chewing on my brushes and lick away the water-color paint.... What's in the paint anyway...? )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mr. R, the Raccoon.

In my previous little cottage apt, there lived 2 Raccoons in between the ceiling and the roof, Mr. & Mrs. R. (perhaps). They ran marathon at night, above the ceiling, in the wall, sometimes even cracked nuts rhythmically. In a foggy summer day, they'd come check out the whimsy peach tree in the little front yard, surely, it was a bit too bitter for their taste...... So, every once a while, Mr. R keep popping in my head, did nothing much, just unpack his travel pouch, pull out a thermos and make some tea.....