Friday, March 30, 2012

Artist Help Japan Final Group is Up !

The finale of this month long auction for Japan is up now ! In this final group, there are many beautiful pieces from artists I adore, like the amazing Yoko Tanji, Ronnie Del Carmen, Sho Murase, Robert Kondo, and Dice Tsutsumi's... and many more !

And, especially special in this auction, there are 3 sets of 15 doodles done by different Pixar artists in art, story and animation departments ! They are definitely something rare to find and fun to see. ( Not Pixar production art.) I've also contributed my Mr.R doodle which was in a "if everyone has a tune..." post few weeks ago, in one of the sets here.

Have fun bidding, and Thanks for your support !

Yoko Tanji - "Midori"

 Acrylic on Paper

Ronnie Del Carmen

Sho Murase - 
Graphite, Gouache, Acrylic & Resin on Wood

Robert Kondo
Pencil on paper

Dice Tsutsumi AHJ Original 
Watercolor on 9" x 10" Watercolor Paper

Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm very excited to announce that Katy Wu, Daniela Strijleva and I have completed our new and the final book in our series, ROUND ROBIN 3 ! It'll be available in May in time for our ROUND ROBIN exhibition with Galerie Arludik in Paris ! The exhibition will feature all 45 paintings from the three books, plus related bookplate paintings. The show opens on May 29th with a reception on May 31st. More details to come, for now, please read on on our dedicated blog.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Artist Help Japan

At 1 year anniversary of the devastating disaster in Japan, Dice Tsutsumi along with Artist Help Japan once again are hosting a series of 4 on-line art charity auctions dedicating to help the cause. In effort for contribution, me along with Katy Wu and Daniela Strijleva each have donated an original ROUND ROBIN bookplate painting for the 2nd auction, which has begun at 6pm today ! There are also many great artists around the world and famed Pixar directors have contributed their original artwork and rare signed & sketched books for the auctions. Please take a look, it's a great oppertunity to own a great art and contribute to a good cause. All proceeds will go to Japan through MercyCorps.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring !

Here is a tune to start your week.

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