Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alzheimers Association Art Auction Benefit @ Maverix Studios

Saturday night from 6~9pm, there will be a benefit art auction at Maverix Studios for Alzheimers Association .
Pieces are donated by artists, and many Pixar artists have put in their own personal artworks.
I'm also putting in " the Bird" drawing I've posted a while ago for the auction. Hopefully it'll make some good cause !
So if you are interested in getting great artworks in great prices and for the great cause, this is definitely the event to not miss !

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hawaii の hana

Here we are, the last day at Waikiki, another bizarre oasis.
- I hope it's just a small corner of the island, like the union square of S.F. !?
Beautiful blue water and white sand at the beach. Then, seeing modern hotel concrete buildings all around, and $2.95 of a 2 cups bottle of milk, sure reminds me not being far from U.S., Taiwan, Japan, or even Vegas.
Maybe I've dreamed too much of a natural tropical island before arriving.

There has been constant showers during the day.
Transitions of sun and sudden pouring rain, sure not stopping vacationers from wearing tropical flowers on their ears,
and flowery beach sun dresses. Getting suntan may not be everybody's thing, but flowers are.
We are leaving to Kauai today, I hope for a slight different theme on the tropical island.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

poor of words

Describing emotions thoroughly in languages has often been a challenge for me.
Since little, I had hard time reading pass a story or phrases to find the ultimate messages behind. O_O Visioning things in my mind though seemed a lot easier... I’m guessing this is just how I am for what I do as an artist (luckily…), or maybe this is how I’m trained to be !? Or, of course, simply just lacking of writing training and knowledge… maybe writing on blog could be a practice, though it sure show the black hole in my brain shamelessly…^_-
Interestingly, my unintentional scribbles often express my unconscious mood a lot more than I realized. Sometimes when scribbles were done, they struck me awake for what I have just done or been feeling… anyway, enough of mumbling, to support my words here, here are some obvious examples of what I felt when staying up all night to do last minute packing, and couldn’t sleep during a 9am , 5 hrs flight…

yah...hmmm..., Tired..I supposed...!?

a Road Trip in Summer

One of the greatest things in this summer is that I had a few chances to travel!
I love traveling to unknown places, and learn the culture, the food, the life of the people, meeting friends, and all… the travel bug in me is taking all the possible time to go as far as I can… though the meaning of “vacation” is to rest physically and mentally; a lot of times, I fulfilled the urge of curiosity of travel, and not exactly “rested” as I supposed to…but it sure does reboot my mind, and remind me the rest of the world…

Most recently, I took a Western road trip with friends in August.
6 of us rented a van, drove from S.F. to Yosemite; crossed Death Valley; to Zion Canyon; and Bryce Canyon, then to Vegas; then flew back. Though I’ve been living in Bay Area for the past 8 years, I was surprisinged to realize that I really haven’t been around much at all in California or in US! During the trip, the transition of the landscapes, vegetations, and the colors really amazed me. Never in my life had I imagined the peaceful subtle colors of Yosemite; goofy Joshua trees alongside the endless Hwy through Death Valley; the grand of Zion Canyon; and intense color transitions and alienated formation of Bryce Canyon; and of course the bizarre superficial Vegas oasis in the middle of the dessert.
Below are some little sketches I did during the trip.

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