Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a Road Trip in Summer

One of the greatest things in this summer is that I had a few chances to travel!
I love traveling to unknown places, and learn the culture, the food, the life of the people, meeting friends, and all… the travel bug in me is taking all the possible time to go as far as I can… though the meaning of “vacation” is to rest physically and mentally; a lot of times, I fulfilled the urge of curiosity of travel, and not exactly “rested” as I supposed to…but it sure does reboot my mind, and remind me the rest of the world…

Most recently, I took a Western road trip with friends in August.
6 of us rented a van, drove from S.F. to Yosemite; crossed Death Valley; to Zion Canyon; and Bryce Canyon, then to Vegas; then flew back. Though I’ve been living in Bay Area for the past 8 years, I was surprisinged to realize that I really haven’t been around much at all in California or in US! During the trip, the transition of the landscapes, vegetations, and the colors really amazed me. Never in my life had I imagined the peaceful subtle colors of Yosemite; goofy Joshua trees alongside the endless Hwy through Death Valley; the grand of Zion Canyon; and intense color transitions and alienated formation of Bryce Canyon; and of course the bizarre superficial Vegas oasis in the middle of the dessert.
Below are some little sketches I did during the trip.

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