Thursday, January 20, 2011


Happy 2011 !
Hope everyone had a great holiday break, and having a great fresh start of the year ! I've been delaying on posting for my travels...due to the extreme cold weather conditions, disconection from the internet, food poison, pollution, and holiday laziness... and so on ... "f(-. _ -.);,..
but here they are, a clearing of 2010 -

After setting off from NYC, I arrived to Edinburgh, Scotland, in December, visiting my friends Alice & Andrew for a week. It was absolutley a beautiful city ! Even in the coldest Dec. winter since 1962 ( -13C ~ -3C), and with the heaviest snow ever seen in the history (!?).  The sun rose low around 8:30am and set around 3:30pm, I went out sketching, but could not stay in one place ever too long.... my toes and fingers would got totally frozen! So most of the time I could only get the drawing down quickly, take a mobile photo, and finish coloring the sketches next to the heater with a cup of hot tea !

Then after the week in Edinburgh, I went on a 3 weeks trips with my friends, which you'd find out as the sketches are posted -

- Edinburgh - 


  - the Cameo Cinema  -            

- Paris Apartments - 

- Rainy Sicili - 

- Rome -