Friday, August 26, 2011

Here we go again....Round Robin 2 !

Last year, me, Daniela Strijleva and Katy Wu had such a great time collaborating for Round Robin, we once again, are working together to make Round Robin 2 ! It'll be out in time for the Alternative Press Expo on Oct. 1st in SF. 

This time, though same as the 1st book, playing the add-on word game, we now are more familiar with the logic of this "brain exercise" and trying to push the limit of our imagination. Interestingly, while working on the list for the 1st book, we had a hard time to break away from objects/nouns, it just seemed so convenient to put down the first familiar object popped into our minds... so this time, we started to go as far as possible, more adjectives, verbs, colors, feelings ~~~ ...........and the list started to go whimsical... or,... a bit too abstract. So we played the word game a several more time, push and pull of different kind of words between the three of us, finally cut down to a list of 15, where we feel it's a little more balanced, and still has a different feeling from the first book. 

In the few weeks before APE, I'll be sharing some work in progress, please stay tuned ! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Meadows - tribute to Edinburgh

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Just came back from Edinburgh, Scotland, for a wedding of my dear friends, the city was as lovely as my last visit in Winter, and even more alive as ever for the Frindge festival and the lush green from summer rain.
The meadows is a park in the old town part of Edinburgh, it is literally wide and open meadows connected by trees, walking/biking paths. When in Winter, covered with snow, strolling across the Meadows was quiet, peaceful and fresh, and a great place to juggle fire at night; in Summer, whether rain or shine, it's populated with people playing golf, cricket, croquet, football( yes, succor), picnic, jogging, rehearsing plays, music..., and dogs and seagulls.. it's lush and alive !