Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ROUND ROBIN Available online !- Update

Round Robin is NOW available on Katy Wu's blog ! We have a limited run of 300 books, all books are numbered and will be signed and sketched !

Here is another illustration I made for the book -

Quick, quick, Sketch !

Took a swift 4.5 days trip to Tirol, Austria, for a family wedding a few weeks ago, we stayed with family around lake Achensee, a lake between high mountains. As we arrived at late night in the complete darkness, the second day morning view out of their apt. was especially spectacular ! It was a sudden realization of being in a perfect Austrian mountain town calendar ! the only equivalent I could relate this to was probably - waking up right in front of Half Dome in Yosemite ! but in a very sweet setting of lovely music box wooden houses with lots of colorful balcony flowers, cows and horses strolled in the green meadow, and all these surrounded by high mountains with trees started to change their colors into Autumn flame....lovely lovely... unfortunately, as usual, traveling on a family agenda with a tight schedule, I started a sketch, but never got to finish it before we left this dreamy place ! but I thought it was probably just enough to express that bit of an impression....
Also, I got to spend a few hrs in Munich before my flight back home, few hrs was definitely too quick for this amazing historical city, where every turn was a new view of architecture and time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Round Robin & Mr.R on Gallery Nucleus !

Gallery Nucleus starts to carry Round Robin on their website ! 
As well as a limited postcard booklets of an Expedition with Mr.R( the Raccoons), Daniela Strijleva's Collected Sketches, and Katy Wu's Tiger Bee Comics and Tiger print ! Please take a look !

So, What exactly is Round Robin about ?

In this book, me, Daniela, and Katy, three of us played a word game - we each takes turn add a random word to make a list of 15 words,  and each page contains 2 words that are connected to the page before and the page after. Say, p.1 => X+Y, p.2 => Y+Z, p.3 => Z+Something......and so on. The words are random, can be noun, verb or adjective..... Each artist would take turn making an illustration inspired from the 2 words given by the two other artists.

The process was very fun and challenging, as it throws you out of the comfort zone, because you probably would have never chosen those particular words yourself ! And the best and the most 'magical' thing about this is, each artist can interpret each word very differently that it's always a great surprise to see the next page !