Friday, March 21, 2014

Lunch break sketches

This week,  at a rare free noon break, I went out for a all carb + coffee lunch at a cafe near by work with my sketching pal, Sansu. Sansu is a talented lighter at day and an even more awesome talented illustrator/storyteller at night. I love going sketching with her, for she naturally carries this 'relaxed' approach to drawing, the world seems so much fun and full of unpredictable stories through her eyes! 

Like during the lunch sketching this week, as I was struggling to 'relax' to sketch, I set my eyes on this lady sitting at the table next to us, her look attracted me - elegant and delicate face features, long, lean, and straight neck, arms, and body posture, but wearing a very bulky thick wool sweater and a pair of big running shoes.... with all these thoughts, I scrambled a drawing of her .. for a longgg time.... then I looked over to see Sansu's sketchbook, she had filled pages of lovely fun sketches, and, that lady. 

To my surprise, as usual, how she saw her was so differently than I:

Don't you just love it? I am dying to know who this lady is through her eyes, and, that guy next to her, with the super man sign!

More of her sketches from the day: 

and of me!

Check out more Sansu's artwork here and here!


Sansu said...

I really enjoy sketching with you. You have a magic power to make people look elegant & free in your sketches.

louis clichy said...

good to see some nice sketches again !
repose toi bien
bise !